Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil Production.

ECOTRAVADELL, is an oil produced ecologically, from the ecologic olive groves of the family, located in the Travadell valley, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Aitana and Serrella. This oil is produced with a blend of native varieties, from the region, to obtain a pure, full bodied olive juice, with a very low acidity, and high in oleic and polifenols, with its characteristic fruity taste. Ideal to use in its natural state on any type of food. Its colour is a distinctive olive green of dense appearance and very aromatic, a medium high fruity taste, with vegetal and spicy notes.

It is an oil well balanced with a sweet start, but with a bitter spicy middle, it reminds to freshly cut grass, olive tree leaves and green apple. We are producing an oil of the highest quality as we can confirm by the awards achieved.

It is cold produced and bottled unfiltered, in order to maintain its properties and flavours during all year. Total production of approximately 20,000 Litres.

Olive varieties : 75% Villalonga/Manzanella,15% Blanqueta, 10% Genovesa, Alfafarenca and Arbequina.



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Silver Ecotrama Arword 2016

Prizes for the best organic oil of Valencia: 2010, 2011 and 2015

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