The Gastronomy of the Mill.

The old mills, besides being oil mills, were converted by day, and night, into large dining rooms where the mill owner and the farmers shared the table, so as to try the very first press of the harvest, and to regain strength for the long working days, dine on local dishes of :

“Pericana, espencat de ceba, sardines salades fregides, botifarres, minxos, etc.”

Not to miss a big jar of “olives trencades”(crushed olives) with their rich and spicy taste of local herbs, and a full wineskin. It was either breakfast time or supper.

Cazalla, a aniseed distilled favourite, made the long winter nights shorter. The old wise man used to say: “I won`t find a longer night than the one at the mill with loads of oil and no cazalla”.

At noon, lunch time, baked rice, rice soup, cod paella and of course “olleta de blat” (Wheat hot pot).

Don`t forget dinner: finger licking fried rabbit with preserved tomatoes, “borreta de bacallar or melva” (cod or tuna stew), baked potatoes with “allioli”- made from oil left over by milking the “ esportins”.

All of them and many more were typically cooked and served at the mills of our region, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Benicadell, La Serrella, L`Aitana,La Serra dels Plans and La Mariola, so intimately bound to the oil culture.

Receptes vinculades a l'Oli:

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