The Mill.

From 1950 until 1999 the mill production was stable, but in the year 2000 the Ferrando`s family were determined to completely, modernize the mill, moving from a stone mill and its “esportins”(natural hand made filters from “esparto grass) to a new two stages system. The new system allows them to obtain a higher quality oil through the new process of extraction utilising the centrifuged system. A three step production : olive grinding, beating the resulting paste and the two centrifuge cycles, one to separate the oil and the other to clean it, so, leaving behind the memories of the old mill press, the “ esportins”, the stone grinding mill and the small pools.

Our ultimate challenge is to relocate the mill outside of the village centre, constructing new premises on the outskirts which, as said before, is the families goal for the near future.

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