Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Alicante mountains.

TRAVADELL is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced from the olives of local farmers (who farm their groves traditionally, an art passed down through generations) in the Travadell valley and the Comtat area. Produced with a blend of native olive varieties, obtaining an oil with low acidity, high in oleic and polifenols,ideal for use naturally or in cooking.

TRAVADELL has a characteristic green colour, dense appearance, aromatic, with a medium high fruity flavour, vegetal and floral notes, reminiscent of fig tree leaves, olive tree leaves and a medium bitter spicy taste. It is cold produced and bottled unfiltered. To maintain its properties and flavours during all year.

Olive varieties : 70%Villalonga/Manzanella, 20% Blanqueta, 10% Alfafarenca, Genovesa and Arbequina.


Gold Medal 2010 Radioturismo

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