The Olive Grove.

To speak about Extra Virgin Olive Oil in strictly gastronomic terms as cooking or salad ingredient is very casual and short, this oil goes further than just another simple food product. It carries in itself an ethnological and cultural load which is part of the history of men and women from all over the Mediterranean region. It is part of the environment as well as the basic economy of the whole Comtat region. The Ferrando`s family own approx. 40 hectare of olive groves within the villages of Millena, Gorga and Penàguila, ecologically maintained with great care to proudly create the brand of ECOTRAVADELL, the mill`s Extra Virgin Ecological Olive Oil.

The fertilizer base, prepared from sub products of the actual oil extraction process, the olive leaves on the one part, and the “alperujo” on the other part, which is a mix of the crushed olives stone and olive pulp together with manure from the local chicken and sheep farmers. The mixture is composted during a full year and it is used to improve the soil structure and feed the olive trees.

Plagues and diseases in the grove are prevented with traditional and new scientific methods, always respecting nature and environment.

Finally the harvest is undertaken in October with the help of professionals from Millena and surrounding villages. The olives that were on the tree in the morning are processed into oil in the evening and stored in our stainless steel tanks, thus maintaining the quality and to avoid degrading.

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